How to check if a phone is stolen

About Me

I have been fixing phones for over 7 years and managed 2 cellular repair stores in Edmonton before having owned my very own store here in the heart of the city on Whyte Ave.


The biggest disappointment for our clients and myself the client pays top dollar for a new phone off of kijiji or another buy/sell/trade website, only to realize the phone has been reported lost or stolen and blacklisted. 

What is Kijiji?

Kijiji is a popular sell/trade/buy website online in Canada. How it works is people post ads about the product they are selling, it could be anything from cars to phones to BBQ’s, someone willing to purchase something can search whatever they are interested in the Search Engine and a list comes up of Sellers. I love kijiji and by no way am I discouraging the use of their services, I even bought my first car off kijiji and have posted multiple ads on there as well.

What is Blacklisting?

Blacklisting is when a phone is reported lost or stolen and cannot be used on any network. We get at least 2 customers a day with this problem. Now regardless of where the you purchased the device, if its not brand new or from a known cell phone provider the first thing I do is check if its blacklisted before I start on any repairs or unlocks.

How to check if the phone is blacklisted

The best things in life are free! There is a feature on that has really helped me out a lot, and has great deals on phones that you can purchase directly from there.

Steps to take so you don’t get ripped off

  1. Contact the seller and ask for IMEI number - The IMEI can simply be found by punching *#06# into the mobile devices phone app.-
  2. Go to on your computer or mobile device and put in the IMEI, the site will search the blacklisted data base which every blacklisted phone gets registered to and in less than a minute it will notify you if it is in fact stolen

Cheers and Happy Hunting!